A Question and Answer with Dr. Apostle Jibreel Khazan Pt3

On February 1, 1960 4 Greensboro, NC North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University Freshmen walked from their campus dorm downtown to the FW Woolworth building. In those days black people could buy goods from the stores. Black people could not sit down at the lunch counter. The men decided to stage a “Sit In” Sparking the flame that fueled a revolution. Area college and high school students joined In and in less than 7 months. A serious change had come. They had succeeded in desegregating the lunch counter. Hear from Dr. Apostle Jibreel Khazan formerly known as Ezell Blair Jr. (EZ) Dr. Apostle Jibreel Khazan is an orator and history griot enjoy his creative series of lectures, recollections and wise thoughts On February 1, 2010, 50 years later the Woolworth building was made into an International Civil Rights Center and Museum This video was produced by Valerie Jones, Troy Jones , Karen Toering. Audio By David White Dog Hurt

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