A question for Christians and Atheists (Please answer)?

Question by Forsaken_Kid: A question for Christians and Atheists (Please answer)?
I know there are some celebrities/pretty popular people that are atheist but I notice that they don’t get as much love as bible lovers that are clear “hypocrites” and I was wondering why? I mean I know that a majority of the world believes in some form of a god or whatever but still that doesn’t seem that fair to me.

The reason I’m asking this is because of something my mom and dad said, we were watching Tv and we saw a special about “Bill Gates”, and they were ranting about how great he was, until the program mentioned him being a atheist. Then there whole demeanor towards him changed, and they begin to call him all kind of names, like “disgusting” and some others that I can’t say here.

They call them selfs Christians but to me there nothing but hypocrites. I myself take a more agnostic position on matters of religion.

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Answer by Question Everything
You obviously garnered the good sense gene. It must have been recessive.

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