A Really Good Peek at Chakra Colors

Within the late 1600s, Sir Isaac Newton beamed white light by way of a prism and obtained half a dozen unique groups of color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and also violet. He after that directed these 6 colors back via a second prism and also got white light again.

In the course of our physical existence, we’re virtually walking rainbows. The 6 chakras which live in our body, in addition to the one above our own crown are similar colours as any rainbow. The particular seventh chakra, located just at/above the crown, is oftentimes portrayed as violet, and quite often manifested to be white colored. This really is fitting having its purpose because it acts as a type of ‘bridge’ between the earthly body (violet) and our pure spiritual essence (white).

Listed here are the colors related to each chakra:

First Chakra – tailbone – RED

Second Chakra – sacral area – ORANGE

Third Chakra – solar plexus – YELLOW

Fourth Chakra – heart – GREEN

Fifth Chakra – throat – BLUE

Sixth Chakra – brow – INDIGO

Seventh Chakra – crown – VIOLET-TO-WHITE

Considering that the rainbow colours of the chakras are all primary colors, the six physical chakras could be combined into complementary opposites. Each and every complementary pair symbolizes a significant chakra relationship/bridge between the upper more ‘spiritual’ chakras (top four) and the lower more ‘physical’ (lower three) chakras. They are:

Red-Green: The Home Chakras

The very first chakra is all about home and security, as well as the fourth (heart) chakra opens when it is feeling safe and ‘at home.’ Therefore, the phrase, ‘Home’ is the place where the heart is.’

Orange-Blue: The Expressive Chakras

The second chakra is about feelings as well as creativity, and the 5th chakra is all about moving that creativity through the heart and also raising this to a different degree of deeply significant, real expression; thereby fulfilling one’s dharma (purpose) as well as reaching mastery.

Yellow-Indigo: The Chakras of Vision

The 3rd chakra generally is involving the apparent vision, and the sixth chakra is actually about intuitive ‘seeing’. The sixth chakra is about seeing beyond actual looks in to the deeper nature of things. It increases the normal seeing of the third chakra to a increased, non-egoic stage.

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