A Review Of The Building Your Network Marketing Business CD-ROM From Jim Rohn

A Review Of The Building Your Network Marketing Business CD-ROM From Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn has been conducting motivational seminars for over thirty-nine years. In that time, he has addressed more than 6,000 audiences that have totaled four million people all over the world. He has won awards, penned more than seventeen books and has trained people on building their marketing business through his help as an entrepreneur and businessman. His CD, ‘Building Your Network Marketing Business’ is one the most widely known CDs in the industry.

Rohn’s sixty-seven minute compact disk covers twelve topics including how to discover the marketing opportunity that’s best for each individual, how profits are actually better than wages, and working part-time. ‘Building Your Network Marketing Business’ also covers how to get started, developing new skills, how to work with both your up- and downline, and tips on selling and making money.

He also covers working together, and offers skill sets that will help the marketer in their future. Rohn covers communication, presentation, and has included testimonials from people who have worked with his methods and have succeeded.

The compact disk has been touted as an ‘ideal recruitment and retention tool’ for marketers and their network. ‘Building Your Network Marketing Business’ teaches people that being successful is all about the skills they need to succeed in both their personal and business life.

Rohn shares his secrets with the world after teaching them for years to top executives. He gives advice on how to bring people to your during recruitment, helping them work together, and ways to use ingenuity and creativity to present the product and get sale. His techniques will show marketers how to build an organization with people who want to learn and appreciate the time and attention the marketer gives them.

’Building Your Network Marketing Business’ has received rave reviews from marketers who have used the CD in their business. Marketers who have reviewed it all agree that everyone in the business needs a copy of it and should listen to it in order to memorize the helpful tools and tips Rohn offers. They claim he is funny, authentic, and powerful in his presentation.

This compact disk can be purchased from Jim Rohn’s website or other available distributors. ‘Building Your Network Marketing Business’ is .00 each for one to nine copies; .50 each for ten to forty-nine copies; .00 each for fifty to ninety-nine copies; and .50 each for one hundred or more.

’Building Your Network Marketing Business’ is not the only marketing item offered on Jim Rohn’s website. Other motivational items – such as books and DVDs – are also available. Interested marketers can sign up for a free e-zine with news and tips, and they can also get information on Jim Rohn’s seminars, how much they cost, and where they well be held on the website as well.

Recent classic seminars that were thought lost (these were Rohn’s talks from the 1980s) were found and area also on sale, through the website, offering marketers some of the original tapes that made Rohn a household name in the business.

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RIP and God Bless Jim Rohn… one of the most Inspirational speakers of our time!! Jim Rohn Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own by U2 – Inspirational and Motivational Video
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