Abraham Lincoln: The 16th President of the United States

Abraham Lincoln: The 16th President of the United States

Taking an Abraham Lincoln quiz is essentially taking a quiz in the history of the United States, as he stands as one of the most important presidents in the history of the nation. Although no president has left the country untouched by his own politics and beliefs, Lincoln went further than most in creating the changes that he believed in and, even though his legacy was already assured by his actions, his legend was assured by the manner of his death.


Abraham Lincoln trivia usually starts with the civil war, as it was his leadership that allowed the country to emerge united through the crisis which had torn it in two.  It is also going to touch on some of his famous speeches. Although earlier presidents had also been orators of a sort, it was Lincoln who among all others of the time truly became known for the speeches that he made. Although the most famous of those speeches is easily the Gettysburg Address, he had mentioned to others that his favorite among all of his speeches was his second inaugural address.


The most lasting effects beyond the victories of the civil war that were achieved by Lincoln involve both the Emancipation Proclamation, and the freeing of the slaves. The industry of the southern part of the country had been build upon the backs of slaves, and by freeing them, Lincoln set events into motion which would allow for the first steps to be taken along the long road to equality, a road that has surely led to the recent election of President Obama, and event that never could have taken place without the leadership of President Lincoln in his own times, a clear reason why any Abraham Lincoln quiz would include matters regarding the emancipation.


Finally, an Abraham Lincoln trivia point that many are interested in but most are sad to reflect upon was on this great president’s assassination. He had dodged assassins throughout most of his presidency, and on April 14th, 1865 he was assassinated at Ford’s Theatre while attending a play. He was killed by the actor, John Wilkes Booth, who was working with the Confederates against Lincoln. Booth escaped after the assassination and remained in hiding for twelve days until he was caught and shot dead in the attempt to capture him. In fitting fashion, instead of solving the problems of the confederates, the death of Lincoln helped cement the rest of the country more firmly around his legacy; acknowledging him as the hero and the martyr who had saved their country.

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