Backpack for Travelers

A backpack is a cloth sack that is usually secured over the shoulders. This is used to carry reasonably heavy loads that are difficult to be carried in the hands for a long time. There are the smaller backpacks that have one strap going over the shoulder. This is for carrying loads that are not too heavy. The larger backpacks carry heavier loads and are secured over the shoulder by two straps. Some backpacks have padded hip belts for transferring the load to the hips. This is useful when the load weighs more than 22 lbs. The hips can withstand more load than the shoulders.

Backpacks are identified mostly with youths, especially students. They are used by students to carry their books. For this reason, they are often called schoolbags or bookbags. These are designed with compartment and pockets to carry things that students need to carry. Backpacks have become a common piece of standard piece of gear used by soldiers in many countries. These are used to carry equipments of even up to 100 lbs. Backpacks can have various padded compartments or pockets within and on the outside for carrying specific items as cameras, laptops and cables. Backpacks also come with wheels at the bottom and an extended handle at the top. When one is carrying heavy loads, the backpack with wheels becomes useful for rolling along on the even ground such as in a train station, airports or smooth pavements. This eases the strain on one’s shoulders.

Backpacks come in three types. The most common and cheapest is the frameless backpack. There are the backpacks with external frames to carry heavier loads. The backpacks with internal frame are more comfortable giving you free movement but carry light to moderately heavy loads. The Osprey Argon 70 offers you an internal frame backpack available in five torso sizes with a compartment for sleeping bag and gender specific hip belt combos and harness.

Backpacks have become increasingly popular. This is especially so amongst leisure travelers particularly when they are on to some country or nature trekking. Urban use too has increased. It is their compactness and the free mobility that it provides the backpacker that makes backpacks so attractive.

In traveling, travelers need to bring very important things. To do that, travelers should pack their belongings in an Osprey Argon 70.

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