Be A Farmer In Your MLM Business!

Be A Farmer In Your MLM Business!

Have I gone crazy? Perhaps!! But I will tell you why I think you need to become a farmer in your Network Marketing Opportunity. I heard someone say something the other day about planting seeds and getting the results six months down the line and it made me think that those of us in a Network Marketing Opportunity have alot in common with Farmers!! Because, just like Farmers plant seeds in the fields, we drop out little nuggets of information (or seeds) to people. Then because we have put a thought into their head, it slowly begins to take root, blossom and grow, just like the Farmer’s seed!!

So many people are suffering with money worries at this time. They are rushing around, so busy worrying about their dire money situation that they have probably not even given a thought to finding a second income stream.. Then we come along and perhaps tell them what we are doing, or ask them to take a look and that’s it, we have planted a seed. They begin to think about the possibilities, and how much better their life would be if only they could earn a few hundred extra each month!

Jim Rohn once discussed the ‘sowing and reaping’ philosophy, and how some seeds will land on stony ground. Not everybody will be open to an opportunity. Others will find it beyond their comfort level. That is life, we cannot all be the same!

And of course, some seeds will start to grow, but then get choked by weeds and die! These people will at first seem excited and ready to get on with the business, but on talking to a few people will disappear without trace!

But of course some seeds will fall on good soil, and be nourished and grow strong and healthy! And these are the seeds that we are interested in. Because they will become the stars in your opportunity. These seeds are the very reason that we plant seeds in the first place!

So remember when you talk to people, you are planting ‘seeds’! Of course, often when you do the planting, the timing is wrong for the person you are talking to and they are not looking for anything. A few months later, their situation could have changed. Maybe at that time, that little seed that you planted in their mind would begin to take root and grow!

Planting has always fascinated me. To think that you could take a tiny dried up seed and have it grow into a green, healthy plant is pretty incredible when you think about it. Then imagine planting a tiny thought into someone’s head, and it blossoming and growing into a strong, thriving business! Now imagine a whole field full of plants, growing strong and healthy!

Keep on planting those seeds!!:)

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