Best Jim Rogers Video Ever

This is one of my favorite Jim Rogers videos out there. Jim Rogers is an investment legend and understands how the economy really works. Not like these kooks on TV that give investment advise. Please be prepared and study economics ( because once you understand how economics really work, you will see how the government created these problems over the past decades and why they will keep trying to fix the problem with more of the same and make things worse. Only when you see how they did and continue to create these problems, will you be in a position to oppose them. Don’t put all your eggs in the dollar basket. That includes a holding dollars, investing in companies using the dollar, or working for a company that pays in dollars. Diversify out of dollars and protect yourself and your family. And prepare every way you can. This is a little older, 4-08, but was one of the videos that first showed me what a really remarkable man Jim Rogers is.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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