Business Gifting Is Powerful – You Done It Yet?

While individual gift-giving to your loved ones is a long-standing practice, not many are aware of the culture of giving corporate gifts. Organizations show that they are thankful to their patrons or employees by giving away corporate gifts.

These gifts are costly objects and they normally do not have any contribution in promoting the offerings of the organization, which means that they do not bear any reference to the company. However, businesses often conduct marketing through distribution of merchandise like key chains, pen holders, dongles, and other gifts to the staff and prospective customers.

As in the case of any other gifts, the selection of a corporate gift should be according to the liking of the individual to whom the gift is to be given. Organizations generally like to give personalised and expensive gifts to their key customers, but to their workforce they normally distribute a moderately expensive, but useful gift.

The perceived value of a corporate gift is its most critical feature. It is this aspect which has the intended effect on the client or employee, which aids in developing and maintaining a good working rapport with them. Consulting internal lawyers of your company before giving corporate gifts is a good idea, because in some countries the law might prohibit it.

It’s advisable to prepare for corporate gift-giving beforehand by allocating a budget, planning the number of gifts to procure, and hunting for volume discounts with retailers. This is obviously more important in case of gifts to employees, especially if yours is a large business. You should buy the correct number of gifts so that no employee whom you wish to appreciate is left out.

To sum it up, giving corporate gifts is an intelligent business practice, that will help you develop a stronger and healthier association with both your staff and your customers. Just keep two things in mind – the law and your expenditure.

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