Can Ziplock Bags Stop Food Mold

Ziplock bags are a necessity for the kitchen in most American households. They come in a variety of sizes and have different needs. Some of the different sizes are two gallon, one gallon and one quart. The most common size is the sandwich bag. A zipper seal is used for closing and keeps the air from getting to the food inside.

Ziplock is a trusted brand and essential for cooking in the kitchen. The resealable plastic baggies are essential and have been relevant for 44 years. They work because of the interlocking system that keeps the contents fresher.

Robert W. Vergobbi was the first person to introduce plastic storage containers with a locking system. The idea was patented on May 18, 1954. The idea behind the concept was keeping food fresher longer and preventing mold.

Plastic containers protects the food and convenient. They can be used to prepare food in advance. If you are planning to cook a chicken stir fry, then you can prepare the meal in advance and store the ingredients in plastic baggies. This works by precooking the chicken, vegetables and making the sauce. After the preparation is done, the food is put in the refrigerator until ready to cook. Preparing in advance allow for busy moms to cook a home cooked meal without the extra work. Plastic baggies are also convenient because of cutting down on time and not messing up dishes.

It is common for mold to form on bread when left at room temperature. The shelf life of food items are increased when using resealable baggies. Mold needs oxygen to form and spread. When using the baggies, the air needs to be removed in order to prevent mold and freezer burn for the contents inside. They can also stop the spores on food from activating and spreading mold. The uses are endless, such as maintain freshness, defrosting items, freezing foods and stopping freezer burn. Food is not only kept fresh in the freezer, but when on the go and at room temperature.

The containers are great for freshness, but unable to stop mold formation. Mold spores are already on the food before being put into the bag. However, the plastic can prevent the spores from forming and shortening the shelf life. This is a safe way to handle the food and safety procedures should be followed at all times.

Many commercial establishments are known to use resalable baggies to help with prep work. Restaurants enjoy the purity, health benefits and convenience. It is easy to use up a lot of dishes when cooking in the kitchen. Plastic containers can cut down on the amount of dishes used and make for easy clean up. They are also disposable and can be thrown into the garbage. The baggies prevent from dirtying up a dish when dealing with greasy and messy contents.

Refrigerating food helps with increasing shelf life. Mold cannot grow under freezing temperatures. However, it can survive at room temperature. When the food is completely thawed out, the molding process will start again because the cold temperature does not kill the spores. Ziplock bags can delay food from molding and are great for different projects.

A variety of packaging materials is available to those who want to ship or wrap items. You can use ziplock bags to keep out moisture and dirt.

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