Corporate Gifts – Going Green

The promotion and use of eco-friendly products is widespread with the growing number of individuals and corporations already going green. In line with this, there has been an increasing awareness on how to help save the environment through massive advertising campaigns and over-easy efforts by the government and civic groups. Do your part by offering corporate gifts and trade show treats that are organic or eco-friendly in order to encourage your clients to be more environmentally aware.

Bags are deemed as indispensable items due to their functionality, more so for the ladies. Tell your clients to ditch the non-biodegradable plastic bags and as an alternative, offer them reusable shopping bags which can either be made from cotton, nylon or non-woven fabrics. Make sure that the handles are properly stitched so that the bags can endure heavy weight.

Some people find that foldable bags that are made out of nylon are the most practical because they are light and durable. Their folded size is so small that they may be kept inside handbags when they’re not in use. Bags offer an opportunity for maximum branding because of the big printable space for your company’s logo, tagline and even your contact information.

Items made from recycled materials are the best. You can target a low amount of expenses since you will be reusing or repurposing old things. However, apart from this, it’s also a chance for others to get rid of things they no longer need.

When you choose to give away products that are crafted out of paper, use 100% recycled paper or better yet, produce recycled paper on your own. Planners, notebooks, note pads and paper bags are just a few of the many things you can give away as customized gifts. Doing this means you are helping save some trees, energy and of course, water.

Being one with others in helping promote ecological awareness is something that everybody should do. The customizable gifts mentioned above are just a few examples of sure ways to let the people know that you’re one with them in keeping a healthy and safe environment for the future. Doing this not only benefits mother nature, but your business as well because you gain better mileage for your brand, amidst the other players in the industry.

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