Did Darwin actually say what a creationist just claimed he said?

Question by Dreamstuff Entity: Did Darwin actually say what a creationist just claimed he said?
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Somebody posted the following alleged quote:

“NOT ONE CHANGE OF SPECIES INTO ANOTHER IS ON RECORD. We cannot prove that a single species has ever changed.” – Charles Darwin

In the book “The life and letters of Charles Darwin”, edited by his son after his death, the second half of the quote can be found; the first half, however, is absent.

So – can anybody cite an actual source for this quote (and not “My Life & Letters” – he wrote no such book) – or is this more creationist dishonesty?

By the way: Science keeps advancing. What could not be shown 130 years ago can be clearly shown today.
So – the quote doesn’t exist in any of Darwin’s writings, but it does exist in creationist books. Is that right?

Which year is this quote from, by the way?

Best answer:

Answer by The Canadian Atheist
It’s just another example of ‘pious fraud’ where christians lie in order to keep people away from “evil science”.
It’s ok, apparently, to lie in that context. Creationist dishonesty is an oxymoron. It’s like saying “free gift”, utterly redundant.
Don’t forget that they still say that Darwin “recanted” on his death bed.
Despite the fact that he never did so and the woman who claimed this (lady Hope) was an outright liar.

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