do you believe strong names make strong people ?

Question by Dynamiko: do you believe strong names make strong people ?
i remember watching a stand up comic named george carlin and he mentioned how a strong name makes a strong person, like for example would “donald trump” be as successfull if he was named “cameron milavokvitch” as a bad example.

kids named tony michael and shane will always kick the crap out of kids named jude, quinton and nathin. Im just realy curious how much more there is to a name than just a few letters of the alphabet put together .

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Answer by vanya_jbriere
I believe they could have a part. As you mentioned, being named Jude, Quinton, or Nathan will make you the sufferer of anothers wrath. Theoretically, if someone is picked on a lot as a child, they may never build enough confidence to succeed in life. Another point would be Jonathan, Johnathon and Jonathon. Only one of these names is proper. The other two are improper, yet accepted versions. The first Jonathan, would usually show to the world that he came from an educated family. The middle shows a large lack of intelligence in his family tree. The third is, in my opinion shows as average. If you were an employer would you not rather take the candidate with the stronger genes? If your name were Porsche, or Mercedes, I would guess you are not destined to wealth. Chances are you will either work with a stripper pole, or sell your body by the hour to those unconfident men named Jude, Quinton, or Nathan.

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