Donald Trump Network Scam – This Scam Review Will Shock You

Donald Trump Network Scam – This Scam Review Will Shock You

Answering The Question : Is Trump Network A Scam ?

A lot of people are making claims that trump network is a scam, there are several reasons behind that which I want to tell you about in this trump network scam review.

Don’t get worried, I am not associated with trump network anyhow, I just want to tell you why trump network gets labeled as a scam by some people and why most people fail with trump network and MLM businesses in general.

Alright, lets get in to this trump network scam review.

Trump Network was founded and started by Sir Donald Trump himself, I am 100% certain that you know whom he is unless you have being living in a cave for the last 30-40 years and you never watched television. Donald Trump is a real estate billionaire and he decided to launch his own MLM business called Trump Network. There is a new MLM business launched somewhere in the world every hour, just a quick fact for you, so Donald Trump decided to launch one too, since there are so many opportunities to make millions with an MLM business for him

Trump Network Is Not Actually A Scam, This is a syndrome these days, people seem to love calling MLM schemes a scam simply because they fail and make no money with it. There are several reasons why people that try MLM for the first or even 3rd time will fail with their MLM business because they either…

A. Don’t Have Enough Relevant skills To Run An MLM Business

B. They don’t go out of their way promoting their business or simply don’t know how

C. They don’t have heaps of contacts that will help them succeed with their business

D. They don’t know how  to build a downline

And finally, they don’t get any one on one support and help to make sure that their business gets off to the right start and continue growing and making money.

You see, with Trump Network or any other MLM for that matter you will not get any one on one support, coaching and help to make sure that your business succeeds and that most importantly you know what you are doing.

To succeed with your own online business and any type of internet marketing you need a COACH! Someone who will help you get started and get you off on the right foot, Someone who will show you step by step what you need to do to make sure that you start making money as soon as possible, Someone who WILL BE THERE FOR YOU every step of the way.

The only place that offers that kind of support and ensures that you succeed online with your own business and provide  you with ongoing free personal one on one coaching, all required tutorials, help videos, memebers support forum and all the tools. This place is called the Wealthy Affiliate University <<< Wait Don’t Click The Link!!! I Have Something Important To Tell You Below…

The Wealthy Affiliate University is not MLM or anything like a get rich quick scheme, In fact it’s far from it. It is an online community that is created especially to teach anyone with any computer skill to make money online and make it quickly. This online community provides one on one coaching, all the tutorials and tools and heaps ofsupport to make sure that you understand what you are doing and that you start making money within your first week of being a member.

I have being a member there for almost a year now and so far I earned around about ,200 since the sign up date and this doesn’t involve selling products to your friends, no making phone calls, no envelope stuffing or survey taking. You will simply be taught how to promote other people’s products online and get paid for it.

Now, i am not sure how much time you can spend doing this but I am a university student, I study at Bond University and I only spend about 2 hours a day working online to help me pay for my courses and pay my rent and bills. Obviously if you spend a little bit more time on this you can make a whole lot more than me and you can then come and tell me about your success in the forum at the Wealthy Affiliate University, my forum name is Valeri.

In fact, if you sign up to the Wealthy Affiliate University At This Link and send me a private message when you are in the members area of the Wealthy Affiliate I will send you a few extra bonuses worth 0 that I paid for and created to help you get started making money online quicker than others… This is my special offer to you!

So don’t waste your time with MLM like Trump Network that can be a scam, Instead join me at the Wealthy Affiliate Univeristy and I will help you get started in the forum and give you my special bonuses worth 0 as soon as you join and message me!

So go on, sign up to Wealthy Affiliate Now and send me a private message, my member name is Valeri, I am looking forward to helping you make money online personally!

Valeri Tkatchenko

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