Eric Bischoff in TNA Wrestling can’t make up his own ideas he has to copy old story line angles from the WWE?

Question by The Best Wrestler on the Planet.: Eric Bischoff in TNA Wrestling can’t make up his own ideas he has to copy old story line angles from the WWE?
First, Bischoff tries to copy the “Montreal Screw Job” from Survivor Series
1997 between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in the rematch for the TNA
World Heavyweight Championship between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles on
Impact! a few weeks ago. Referee Earl Hebner rang the bell and awarded
the match to AJ Styles declaring him the winner when clearly Kurt Angle
didn’t tap out for submission. And then after the match Kurt Angle spit in
the face of Hulk Hogan just like Bret Hart to Vince McMahon after Survivor
Series 1997 this is just one example.

Most recently with Mick Foley, Mankind he was concerned that he didn’t
use the weapon on Abyss how Bischoff instructed him to and Bischoff is
awarding him giving him praises saying he did the best that he could. And
he tells two people to take Mick Foley shopping to get him a new suit he
is trying to make him look more “Corporate”. Yeah I see where this is going
for those wrestling fans from the 90’s during the WWF Attitude Era Vince
was helping out Mankind the same way around the time of the Survivor
Series 1998 Deadly Game Tournament to crown a new WWF Champion. He
did take Mick Foley shopping and bought him a suit and tried to make him
look more “corporate” and even crowned him the WWF Hardcore Champion
just around that time he ended up betraying Mankind at Survivor Series 1998
and he showed his true colors by betraying Mick Foley at Survivor Series 98′
and crowning The Rock being a heel “The Corporate” WWF Champion. I just
have a bad feeling Eric Bischoff’s going to do the same thing to Mankind in
TNA Wrestling and copy the old story line. The fact is Eric Bischoff is a prick
ever since he FIRED who turned out to be the greatest WWE Superstar ever
in Stone Cold Steve Austin when he was in WCW he called him on the phone
to tell him that he was FIRED from World Championship Wrestling in the 90’s.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan is alright I just don’t like Heel Eric Bischoff your thoughts?

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Answer by Undertaker’s Ministry
TNA are doing no harm, I don’t see the Ministry of Darkness in TNA,
Quit your complaining and allign yourself with the DarkLord and his Ministry

In 5 minutes there shall be a sacrifice

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