For all you Seinfeld fans…?

Question by Seven Costanza: For all you Seinfeld fans…?
Here is a quiz for you. I expect nothing less than perfect…or it’s detention.

1.What is George’s middle name?

2.What state is Elaine from?

3.What kind of soup does George attemp to order from the Soup Nazi?

4.Who was the “preivious” owner of George’s LeBaron convertable?

5.Jerry’s parents names are…?

6.Jerry’s father is afraid of what sound?

7.Who provided the voice of George’s boss Mr. Steinbrenner?

8.According to George, what has “cachet up the ying-yang”?

9.Where did Elaine suggest the group should go to grab a quick bite to eat as they waited for a table in “The Chinese Restaurant”?

10.Newman and Jerry once attended a Super Bowl game together. In what city was the game played?
It’s Vandeley Industries. Art Vandeley was never the marine biologist. That’s just classic George Costanza.

Best answer:

Answer by kristy w
I like your name are you art vandeley the architect from vandaley industries or are you the marine biologist?

2. Maryland
3. turkey chili
4. jon Voight
5. morty and helen
6. sound of velcro
7.larry david
8.up the butt
9. sky burger
10. Miami, Florida

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