Ford Dealers – Lots Of New Information Available

Ford Dealers – Lots Of New Information Available

Founded by Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company has been in business since 1903. Mr. Ford was the one who introduced the large scale manufacturing that is common place in car production today. He used the manufacturing ideas of sequencing and appropriate assembly lines. Statistically, Ford is still one of the largest automaker, forth largest in the world and second largest in Europe. In 1967, Ford Europe was formed and Ford of Britain became part of this group. The first Ford dealership in Southampton, England was opened in 1910. In the UK, Ford Dealers have chosen Ford and their commitment to high standards.

Since Ford is always among the leading car manufacturers each year, the Ford Dealers can afford to carry more inventory and offer better deals. Originally, Ford doubled the wages offered by the other car manufacturers at the time. Mr. Ford arranged for a shorter work day for his employees. It is this attention to quality and details that is appreciated both by the Ford customers and the current Ford employees.

The Ford Dealers know that this is a good time to by a car and are motivated to work with you individually to make the best deal in town. They will invite you to stop by the dealership and take a test drive of the model you are interested in. If you drive in with the car you plan on trading, they will be happy to give you a quote on trading it in for the car you are eying. If all goes well you could be driving home with your new car that evening. That’s certainly what you are both interested in doing. You both just need to handle the details a bit.

Many people are loving the convenience of shopping online and would appreciate the opportunity to research and perhaps buy a car online. The Ford Dealers don’t mind if you do. They have great websites especially organized for your browsing pleasure. These sites are time savers for you since they answer many of the usual questions and you can spend more time narrowing in on the car you really want. As a reward to the online guest, they offer special discounts if you purchase a car with them.

Shopping for a new car can be fun and exciting with all the new models out there today. Ford Dealers have a great inventory of new and used Ford models that will save you money. Todays Fords are energy efficient, fun to drive and make you look good driving on the roadways. This is a great time to check out the inventory of Ford vehicles at your local dealer. Heres a little sample of the Ford models you will find.


Ka Used Ka models are available from 1999 to 2009 at low prices. The Ka is a 3dr hatchback Super-mini that out performs its competitors even in the older models. Used prices range from around 2000 to 10,000 with a variety of features and colors.

Focus The Ford Focus has been around a little longer than the Ka can be found in 3dr or 5dr hatchback models at local Ford Dealers. Theres plenty of inventory of the Focus so you can choose your color and the features that suit your lifestyle. Prices range from around 6000 to 000 (special edition models).

Fiesta The Fiesta has long been a favorite of the Ford vehicles over the years. It has been a great economy car and has a good reputation for performance and safety. Like the Focus, the Fiesta comes in 3dr and 5dr models in a vast array of colors with the features you want. Price ranges for the used Fiesta models can range from just below 3000 to 15000.

Mondeo The Mondeo is one of Fords newest designs and can be purchased in saloon or hatchback styles depending on your needs. Your dealer can set up a test drive so you know which one you want. Price ranges for the used Ford Mondeo are about 6000 to 20000.


Focus – The Focus, Focus C-Max and Focus Coupe Cabriolet convertible are classic and stylish as well as safe and comfortable to drive. They are turning heads and making the grade in safety these days. Ford Dealers can tell you about special swappage offers that will further your savings on a new Focus.

Kuga The Kuga is one of Fords newest MPV and it is sweeping the popularity charts with stylish good looks and functionality that can accommodate virtually any need. This vehicle is just about the most technologically advanced MPV you can find.

S-Max The S-max MPV is turning some heads with its sleek presentation and great performance and capabilities.

No matter what your personal style or purpose for a new or used car might be, your local Ford Dealers can help you determine the best option for your needs.

Lauren Cooke is a writer and a car enthusiast. She currently writes for the automotive industry. Here she discusses Ford Dealers cars.

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