Happy New Month!

Happy New Month!

That’s right, why just celebrate once a year when we have a built in system that we can celebrate 12 times this year. I tend to march to a different drummer and if you follow me (stnick007) on facebook, twitter, linkedin, or plaxo, you’ve probably seen my Happy New Month postings.

Even though we’ve heard it, dare I say at least a million times, to set goals, we just don’t, for any number of reasons. At the beginning of the year, we call them New Year’s Resolutions, but they are in truth simply some goals.

Some of the reasons can be that we don’t want to fail, so if we don’t set any goals, how can we fail to hit them, yet, NOT setting goals is a plan to fail in and of itself. Another reason may be that we’ve never been taught how to set reasonable goals, which I’ll cover later in this article.

So whether you’ve set some New Year’s Resolutions and they’ve been abandoned or not or if you’ve NOT set ANY goals for this year, the New Month’s Resolutions can breath life back into your business and life.

Let’s say that you set a resolution or goal to sponsor 10 people into your primary mlm business each month. How did you do? Did you get your 10, 5, 2, 1, or even none? It makes NO difference, because this is a New Month which you can and should reset your goal of sponsoring. If you had the goal to sponsor 10 but you did sponsor 2, I’d like to commend you. What that means is that you simply either didn’t have enough action to sponsor 10 people, or you’ve not yet become proficient enough to sponsor 10 people in a month.

So this month, set the goal to sponsor 3, keep doing what you were doing, but set a goal out there just out of reach to stretch you a bit more.

I have a great niece that thinks at 7 years old she should be a pro at everything she does. That makes for a very disappointing life until she learns that we take steps, set a new goal that will stretch us a bit each time.

SMART – this acronym will put real life into your goals!

S stands for Specific, Providence doesn’t know what to help you get if you are vague and unspecific. Clearly define and write out your goal, i.e. I will sponsor 3 new people into my business this month.
M stands for Measurable, so as you progress through this month, you can see if you are on track to meet your goal. If by the 20th you’ve yet to sponsor anyone, either you are not putting in the action necessary or its not attainable for you at this time.
A stands for Attainable, is this goal something you have the skill, tenacity, persistence, knowledge, and systems to attain this goal? If you’ve yet to develop the skills, it may simply not be an attainable goal for you at this time.
R stands for Realistic, I want to lose 50 lbs by the end of April, I want to be a millionaire by June, I want to have an organization of 20,000 by October are probably not realistic goals. Set realistic goals that typical people reach on a regular basis like; I’ll lose 15 pounds in 60 days, I’ll have developed an income of ,000 per month by the end of the year, I have been consistently been sponsoring 10 people per month and taught and helping my downline sponsor on average 3 new people per month.
T stands for Timely, set goals in small enough measurable, attainable, realistic, and specific to achieve. Jim Rohn talks about someone checking back in 5 minutes to see if you’ve attained your goals, that is simply too soon, but waiting 5 years to see if someone accomplished a goal for 30 days is too long. You MUST set a deadline, otherwise its just a wish.

And above all else, you need to have PASSION about what you want to achieve.

I wish you the best in your endeavors.

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