Hardside Luggage – Beware Of Cheap Luggage

When you need to buy new luggage, it’s best to buy the best suitcase or set that you can afford. But luggage is pricy, so it’s very easy to be enticed by the low prices offered by sets of bargain luggage.

Some people have bought bargain luggage — not to be confused with good luggage bought at a great price — and experienced no problem since they’re very infrequent travelers. However, you get what you pay for, as the saying goes. Low quality luggage can be an imminent disaster on your next vacation or business trip.

If you do a lot of flying, you are probably familiar with horror stories of claiming destroyed bags after your flight. You possibly even have a couple of stories of your own about suitcases being returned to you damaged. Though all luggage is at the risk of damage when you check it at the airport, a low quality piece is even more likely to show damage.

Poor quality hardside luggage can end up on the baggage carousel cracked open. A polyester case, cheaper than durable ballistic nylon, rips and frays far easier than the more expensive option. A broken zipper can end up with personal items falling out into the street or in the terminal. A broken handle or strap suddenly makes carrying your luggage more difficult. Sometimes it’s better to spend just a little more for something more durable that will be less of a hassle during travel.

Another thing to note: beware of designer luggage as well. While on the opposite end of pricing from the bargain luggage, designer luggage is often constructed similarly, with only a label or trademark pattern increasing the price. The best luggage is often sold at a mid-range price — cheaper than designer luggage, more than bargain luggage.

So when you go to make your next luggage purchase, don’t be tempted by the low prices of cheap, poor quality luggage. Instead, opt for sturdy luggage that will last you through your next trip and many more in the future. You’ll save both time and money, since you won’t need to replace your luggage every few trips.

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