Hardside Luggage – Do This To Find Your Hardside Luggage At The Baggage Claim

In the hustle of moving around a busy airport, you are mainly concerned with claiming your checked hardside luggage as quickly as you can after the plane lands. But the baggage carousel poses as an obstacle to this.

Everyone else’s bags are piled up with yours, and more appear as you stand there looking for yours. Much of the luggage that people own looks similar, so there is not much variety in the colors, styles, or shapes of the bags.

Somewhere in the confusion, you need to find your bag, not take someone else’s by mistake, hope someone did not take yours by mistake, and hope that your luggage didn’t get lost in the process. Factor in that you are probably tired and stressed from traveling as it is. No wonder claiming baggage is such a chore.

So follow one or more of the following tips before the next time you travel with checked hardside luggage. They will help to make your life a lot easier by making your luggage easier to find. And they will make it harder for someone else to take your bag by mistake.

Utilize Decals Or Stickers — If you don’t mind changing up the appearance of your luggage a little, look for large, durable, highly adhesive stickers or decals that are difficult to remove or fall off. Affix them to your luggage to make your bag look more unique and distinctive. The easier they are to spot, the better when it comes to finding your luggage.

Tie Something Noticeable To It — For a quick and easy solution that makes your luggage easier to identify, tie some bright cloth strips or a ribbon around the handle. This was one of the first pieces of advice I received when flying for the first time. Make it a very unique, bright pattern instead of plain neon for the best results.

Use Accessories — If you want something less permanent than stickers and more fashionable than cloth strips, then one way to identify your luggage is to use unusual luggage accessories. Many luggage tags and straps come in a variety of fun colors and patterns. There are even some brightly colored luggage locks available. Whatever you use, make sure it is TSA compliant in case your bag is pulled for a random security inspection.

Buy A Different Design Or Color — If you need to look for new luggage soon, then make sure that you factor in the ability to spot it quickly. Before choosing luggage in a very plain color, such as black or navy, look for ones with different colors, such as light blue or hot pink. Or look for patterns such as polka dots, floral, or even animal prints. Hardside luggage that looks different from the norm automatically makes it much easier for you to find no matter where it rests on the baggage carousel.

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