Heard her talking about me to another guy? Is she interested?

Question by Yeah its me: Heard her talking about me to another guy? Is she interested?
Yeah, so I met this new girl today in my college class. Shook hands (5 second handshake haha), traded names, said hi. Anyhow, this other guy sitting next to her met her first so they were already talking for a while.

She’s a new transfer so she has no friends here. Anyways, I told her my name was “Edison” even though I go by Eddy. I told her “Yeah, I’m actually the real Thomas Edison. I wrote all that crap you learn in school.” She laughs and goes “Ohh, well, good job with everything! You did a really nice job there”

Anyhow at the end of class I started walking out and right then she turns to the other guy and goes “Omg thats such a cool name.”

On the way down the stairs, I stopped to get something. They started walking down and I still hear her in the middle of her convo going, “….yeah, but Edison…its a cool name” I pop out and start walking towards the exit and she obviously saw me and shut up haha. Anyways, do you think that means anything?

3 days ago she saw me in class (where I looked like myself) and stared at me, then flicked her hair back. Today I did not look like myself at all, unshaven, 1 hour of sleep, swollen face, you know the whole deal, so I’m not sure if she was just being friendly or not. On a scale of 1-10, shes an 8.

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Answer by bill b
You sound like you’re in junior high.

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