Help! Hives!?

Question by Olalalala: Help! Hives!?
Please someone help, I’m breaking out in hives! I don’t know what i’m using to cause this…does anyone have any suggestions? I seem to be a bit sensitive to soaps and stuff, and i started “Mary Kay” makeup a couple weeks ago (but i’m not sure if its that…it could be something else), but I started breaking out just a few days ago; first a few on my legs, then on my arms, and now my face! And the worst part is, they don’t go away! I have hives that I’ve had for a few months, (that don’t ich, they just are dark spots..but still are ugly!) and now i got them on my face…what if they don’t go away!! please, help me! I don’t know what to do!
P.S. What should i use to get rid of the old hives? Why are they still noticable on my skin!! How frustrating….:(

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Answer by gaiagurl
Benedryl – thats the best thing – pills and cream available at the drug store.

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