Help Me Pay My Bills (and Other Things I Know You’re Thinking)

Each month, more than 100,000 people from all over go online to search “Help me pay my bills.” But they don’t need help paying their bills. Actually what they need is a way off of the treadmill… for good. If this is you, this post might be an answer to your prayers.

Would you believe it if I told you that I Google searched “Help me pay my bills” at one point in my life, too?

Or does it make you feel better, knowing this?

Let me share something with you.

Nearly six years ago, my family started an online service for the entertainment industry that revolutionary. It was one of those services that everyone got right away, and that gave new screenwriters encouragement and made industry execs sit up and take notes.

We put everything we had into that thing. And for a while there, things looked pretty good, like, everything was going to work out. We even attracted an investor who said he’d help us make it into something big.

We had it made, right?

Not quite.

One week later – ONE WEEK LATER – Lehman Bros. collapsed.

We lost our investor.

We lost over $50,000 of our own money.

And it wasn’t long before we lost our home, and our jobs.

That was way back in 2008.

Today, nearly six years after all of that began, we’re finally past the worst of it.

That’s a long time to struggle.

So I know what I’m talking about when I say that I get what “Help me pay my bills” feels like.

Network marketing opportunities have a stigma attached to them used to be well-deserved, but I think those days are long gone.

Not when people like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are out there changing the face of the industry with their leadership and encouragement. And not when the Internet has made your reach and influence virtually unlimited.

On his website, RichDad dot com, Robert Kiyosaki (the best-selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”) notes that network marketing is the business of the future and says that becoming a business owner is a very wise strategy, especially at this time in history. “Starting your own business,” he writes, “gives back some control over your life If you ever wanted to get ahead of the curve, now is the time to open your mind and look at this business of the future. Now is the time to talk to people when they too are looking for new answers and new ways to find true, long-term financial security.”

It bears repeating: Network marketing can help you take back control over your life, build financial security, and plan for the future.

If you’re over the Google searches, and the bills, and the so on, etc., now may be a perfect time to consider your work from home options.

If that’s the case, and if you’re ready to jump into working from home, you want to keep in mind these three, key factors to building a successful network marketing company.

1) A solid business opportunity: Building a company of any kind requires that you’re passionate about what you do. There are thousands of network marketing opportunities out there, so you’ll need to do some research before you jump into any one. Whatever you decide, make sure your prospective company has a good track record, a solid business model, and experienced leadership.

2) An awesome upline: While the point made above is an obvious first place to start, don’t underestimate just how important it is that the people above you are knowledgeable about MLM and willing and available to share that knowledge with you. After all, your success is their success. Which means that it’s in everyone’s best interest that your team has extensive marketing experience (both traditional and new media) and knows how to grow a company on a shoestring budget.

3) The right tools: This last is especially important if you’re planning to market your opportunity online, and it’s a topic worthy of its own article. For the purposes of this post, suffice to say that you want to give yourself plenty of time to determine a strategy for how you’ll approach your marketing efforts (a good team leader can help you with this), and then build your tool kit from there. Be on the lookout for services that offer free or discounted trial periods so that you can get to know the software before you commit the big bucks, and set for yourself a reasonable monthly budget for what you can comfortably afford to spend (somewhere between $150 to $200 a month). Insider’s tip: Make sure a software or service is compatible with your PC or Mac, as many only cater to one platform or the other. Waiting until you’ve signed out to find out you can’t run a particular software can be a costly (and frustrating) mistake.

If you’ve got the right team, the right leadership, and the right tools, you can build a network marketing business that, over time, will help you to gain the kind of financial freedom you’re looking for.

These days, I still do plenty of Google searches, but I’m not searching Help me pay my bills. Instead, my searches are what I do when I want to fuel my dreams. Nice change of pace, don’t you think?

If you are really dedicated to network marketing success, you’re going to want to learn all the marketing secrets you can. For expert insights on this and other useful resources from Pamela Schott, visit her blog or MLSP page.

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