Henry Ford Hospital study: hVISA linked to high mortality

Henry Ford Hospital study: hVISA linked to high mortality
( Henry Ford Health System ) A MRSA infection with a reduced susceptibility to the potent antibiotic drug vancomycin is linked to high mortality, according to a Henry Ford Hospital study.Researchers found that patients who contracted a MRSA infection with heteroresistance, called hVISA, stayed in the hospital longer, were more likely to have the infection return after 90 days, and were twice as …
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It’s time for a moratorium on offshoring
Henry Ford, the automaker, was a genius. He was willing to pay his workers more than twice the going wage to ensure a loyal and stable workforce. Ford felt that a population with a solid and secure income made the best consumers. And he was right. He sold 15 million Model T automobiles, most to the emerging middle class.
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Landmark building takes a bow
More than a century ago, Francis Robert Henderson declined Henry Ford’s offer to convert his North Cambridge carriage factory into a Ford plant, telling the magnate that automobiles were but a fad. Henry Ford – Automobile – Factory – Ford – Recreation
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Putting Away
DEARBORN — Henry Ford Village resident Bob Sprauge takes his first shot Thursday during the facility’s annual Resident Staff Putting Contest.
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