HONDA VFR750R (RC30) RUMI – HRC Honda RC30 HRC Team RUMI SBK Engine HRC: (n° EG 43) Cover Comp.R Oil Pan Head assy front and rear. Cover Head. Crank Shaft. Pistons. Conn-Road Assy. Gears Train Comp. Cams Shaft Comp. Pump Assy Oil. Clutch. Radiator rh,lh. Radiator lwr. Air control carburetor. Pedal comp. Unit comp condenser. Regulate rect assy. Coils assy. Harness wire. Unit assy CDI control. Unit assy convertor. Tacho meter assy. Meter Assy Water Temp. Tacho converter Assy. Panel Meter. Bridge,fork. 1,2. Wheel rear. HRC by Marchesini. Disk and Caliper (n°10209) 310m Front fork inside progressive.Cartridge kits. By RUMI: Frame body prepare to SBK Tank, and short swing arm. Air funnel. Seat rail comp. Oil. Front wheel: Marchesini, Penta 2. Exhaust. Termignoni kevlar 4 – 2. Coshion assy,rear Oholins (Racing 515) su8050-v826 Steering Damper WP. —————————————————————————— 147/ 12.800 Pot. Max Pme A pot max. 13.4 Vm pistone m/s 20.7 Pm e. X Vm 177 133Cv ruota. 168 Kg. Wheelbase 1390m.

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