How Collar Pins Can Help Promote Your Company Identity

Collar pins are considered pieces of men’s jewelry. They hold the two ends of the collars of dress shirts together. Like tabbed collars, they help keep the collars in shape. They also pass underneath the knots of neckties, providing a more fashionable arc to these bands. They make the necktie seem to pop out from underneath the collar. This effect makes the knot more prominent.

These add-on jewelries are usually between three and five centimeters long. They are of three kinds: a barbell, with ends that screw off; a pin, much like a safety pin that pierces the ends of the collar; or a bar with clips on both ends. The pin and the bar types are commonly used for regular collars. A barbell, on the other hand, is used for specially designed dress shirts.

These accessories may have various kinds but, in general, they are simply called collar bars or collar clips. Collar pins are considered timeless and elegant accessories. What’s more, they make men look more dapper in their suits and formal wear. These accessories are best worn with small profile collars.

It must also be noted that collar bars are not used with button-down collars.

Collar Pins Promote A Company’s Good Image Among Employees And Customers

Collar pins are perfect corporate giveaways, both for internal and external stakeholders. Employees and customers alike will feel flattered upon receiving these as corporate gifts. Employees will feel that they belong to an exclusive club of achievers among the company.

On the part of consumers, receiving such sophisticated tokens will make them feel a stronger sense of relationship. Collar clips come in a variety of colors and styles. Their designs are flexible enough to be adjusted so that company names, logos and taglines can be incorporated into their final forms.

Since these items are part of one’s outfit, they are considered as stylish billboards of a company’s brand or image. They can really help make a brand or company popular when they are worn everyday.

Collar pins do not only accessorize men’s suit, but they are also ideal as a corporate gift item. Visit this website to learn more x`about other corporate giveaways such as lanyards.

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