How Henry Ford Became a Success in Business

How Henry Ford Became a Success in Business

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Charles Goodyear are legends in the world of business. Yet, they were not the only persons trying to achieve success in their fields. Why is it that they rose to great heights of fame and fortune while their competitors are largely unknown and forgotten? None of these men were from wealthy families, nor were they highly educated. But they did possess three things needed for success: vision, the ability to recognize opportunity, and perseverance.

Each man had a grand vision of what they could accomplish and never lost sight of this goal. Edison saw a world where every home was wired for electricity and running household appliances. Ford envisioned a new type of factory production making cars so cheap and plentiful that virtually any family could afford their own vehicle. Goodyear turned rubber from a sticky curiosity into the basis on which the world’s transportation rides. Each man focused on a vision that was big enough and important enough to motivate them through the hard times.

Each man also saw opportunity where others only saw problems:

·    Others said that it was no use creating an electric light bulb, since no cities were then wired for electrical power. Thomas Edison saw the opportunity to sell not just light bulbs but generators and power grids as well.

·    Most inventors thought of cars as expensive items that only the rich could afford, but Henry Ford saw an opportunity to sell millions of cars to common people.

·    People had tried making products out of rubber for years and years, but most inventors gave up after the rubber quickly rotted away. Goodyear saw an opportunity to become the world’s leading supplier of high-grade, durable rubber products.

Finally, each man possessed extraordinary perseverance. Edison’s perseverance was legendary, and he experimented for years with tens of thousands of materials before he perfected the carbon filament light bulb. Ford had already failed in four automobile manufacturing endeavours before he achieved success with the Model T. Prior to perfecting his process for vulcanizing rubber, Goodyear had failed so miserably that he actually served time in debtor’s prison. Each man had suffered defeat numerous times, but never gave up on their dream.

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