How outlets can gain benefit from an iPad in their business

There is not any getting away from the social media and digital revolution even in normal retail outlets. Today’s high street retailer wishes to provide purchasers with an augmented experience. More than only purchasing products. If you have ever visited an Apple store you may understand shopping is now about an experience.

And one way to boost that shopping experience might be to incorporate an iPad into specific parts of your store.

Take your size

There is now an app that lets a shopper input their measurements so they get the perfect fit for their attire. The patron stands in front of the iPad camera and the app takes their measurements. This’ll help to reduce the number of refunds and returns from folks purchasing the wrong sized attire.

Collect Info

Am I Able To help you, sir? This could be a cliche of the past. Now outlets can say to purchasers “Sign up for updates and special promotions over at our iPad”

With a retailer now selling in store and online, this may help grow their database and facilitate the second prospect of a sale from a potentially lost buyer.

Present new products

You just need to procure photographs of upcoming products not already in store and present them on an iPad to gauge interest in future sales. Companies like Adobe Business Catalyst enable shops to have desktop, tablet and mobile versions of their web site guaranteeing image shows will look great in store.

Twitter updates

You can display Twitter updates showing what other folks say about your products and store.

Get buyers to write reviews

Google Places offers shoppers the opportunity to write reviews about your business. Inspire buyers in store to draft a review thru your iPads or on their iPhones. Reviews from customers on Google Places goes a ways to pushing up your position in the local search engines.

Take orders

If you have got a terribly busy store, you can arrange for staff to take consumer orders thru an iPad. With new software and technology from a company called Square, which Richard Branson has invested in, a customer just needs to swipe their Visa card across the Square gadget that fits onto the iPad and substantiates their card details.

In Summary

This is just a flavor of what can be done with an iPad in a retail store. Get resourceful; look round at what other outlets are doing and go delight your customers in store.

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