How Steve Jobs Saved Apple

How Steve Jobs Saved Apple

After being fired from Apple, co-founder Steve Jobs came back as CEO when the company was in trouble. His turnaround made it one of America’s — indeed, the world’s — most admired and successful businesses, transformed entire industries, and changed our way of life with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Here, in this brief eBook, is how he did it — and his lessons for leaders everywhere.

Steve Jobs (Real-Life Reader Biography)

Real-Life Reader Biographies present the lives of contemporary role models for young readers. These are the stories of real men and women who, despite many obstacles, followed their dreams. If ever there were a person whom we could accuse of “thinking differently,” it would be Steve Jobs. Though he is largely responsible for the fate of Apple Computer, Inc., he did not invent the personal computers Apple sells. That is mostly attributed to his partner, Steve Wozniak. Jobs claims tha

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