How the Largest U.S. Electronic Stores Started

How the Largest U.S. Electronic Stores Started

Popular Electronic stores started with only a few simple products. From simple products, these stores have grown and become the most trusted names in advanced technology.

The largest Electronic Stores in the United States started with just few and simple products. Here are some of them:

Pioneer Corporation

Pioneer Corporation is a multi-national firm that was founded in Tokyo in 1938. It was founded first as a radio and speaker repair shop that specializes in digital entertainment products. Now, it is well-known worldwide in the consumer electronics industry.

In 1953, Pioneer introduced the Hi-Fi speaker PE- 8 was introduced. They also introduced the globe’s original separate type of stereo system. They established sales companies with in the US and Europe. In the 60s, the company name was changed to Pioneer Electronic Corporation. It was in this decade that their shares began to be listed in different financial exchanges.

In the 70s, Pioneer introduced the globe’s first component car stereo, laser disks, two-way addressable type of CATV system within the US. In the 80s, they introduced VP-1000 LD player for home use in the U.S., LD software, LD Karaoke System, CD player, LD combination player compatible with CDs and LDs. They also introduced the 40-inch projection monitor.

In the 90s, they introduced the world’s first CD-based GPs automotive navigation system, the world’s first 4x CD-ROM change. They earned their ISO 14001 certification at TOKAROZAWA plant. They also introduced in this decade the DVD/CD player and world’s first DVD/LD/CD compatible play for home use. Pioneer started supplying digital satellite broadcast set top boxes in Europe. They also introduced the worlds

 1st DVD based GPS automotive navigation system,
 1st DVD-R drive,
 1st DEL-equipped car audio product
 1st high definition 50 inch plasma display
 1st DVD-based GPS automotive navigation system featuring 8.5 GB dual layered DVD disk

Pioneer came up with their new logo in the 90s. It was also in this decade that they started supplying digital CATV set-top boxes in the U.S. They also introduced the world’s 1st DVD record, compatible with DVD-RW format.

By 2000, Pioneer introduced the hard disk-based GPS automotive navigation system. They also introduced the global brand slogan “sound vision soul”. GPS automotive navigation system was introduced with a wireless communication module. They also introduced the DVD recorder with hard disk. They also accomplished the following in this decade:

 CATV Settop Boxes with high definition TV signal reception capability.
 Total shipment worldwide of PC-use recordable DVD drive surpasses 5 million units.
 Introduced the world’s 1st DVD player for professional DJs and VJs.
 Transferred NEC’s plasma display business is completed.
 Pioneer Plasma Display Corporation started operation.
 Vice President Tahimiko Sudo was appointed as new President
 Pioneer closed its car audio division in Singapore.

SONY Corporation

SONY Corporation is the company which recognized the idea that most critical issue facing mankind today is the protection of the environment. The company incorporates respect for nature in all of its activities . The company defines environmental conservation as an important part of its management strategy. SONY created the five core components. They are:

1. Design environmentally sensitive products and promote recycling.
2. Develop environmental technologies.
3. Promote the environmental education and full participation of SONY employees.
4. Reduce the environmental impact of production processes and business activities.
5. Let the public know of environmental information.

SONY Corporation is one of the well-known names in consumer electronics. SONY was actually founded by Akio Morita, a previous naval lieutenant, along with Masaru Ibuka, a defense contractor. Ibuka worked as a radio repairman right after the war for the Tokyo Department Store which had been damaged by bombing. Morita searched for him when he learned that Ibuka had invented a shortwave converter. In 1946, these two men, with only 0 of borrowed capital, established the famous partnership. They registered it as “Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha” or “Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation” (TTK). Their first consumer product is a rice cooker which failed commercially.

When the Japanese economy grew stronger, they abandoned the home-appliance market. They concentrated on developing new electronic goods.

In 1950, TTK introduced the first Japanese tape recorder. This tape recorder was inspired by an American model he had seen at the Japan Broadcasting Corporation.

In 1952, Masaru Ibuka heard of a tiny new capacitor called a transistor. In 1955, TTK begins selling Japan’s 1st transistor radio. In 1958, company’s name was changed to SONY Corporation. Over the years, Sony made the following milestones in the electronics industry:

• In 1960, SONY introduced the world’s 1st transistor television.

• In 1968, the revolutionary SONY Trinitron colored TV was introduced.

• In the 70s, the company launched the Betamax VCR.

• They also introduced the SONY walkman.

• In the 80s, SONY came out with the first CD player.

• They also introduced its 1st 8 mm video camera.

• In the 90s, SONY Play Stations were introduced.

• In the late 90s the VAIO line of PCs for home market was launched.

• In 2000, the enhanced graphic of Play Station 2 was introduced.

Sony also went into the entertainment industry. In the later part of the 80s, it acquired for .5 billion the Columbia Pictures.

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