How To Choose A Bag

Fashion addicts love bags.It’s a fact.The different brands and styles in the market stand proof to this.There are just too many that you can never stop wanting a new one.Every shopaholic grows weak with this.

Yet sometimes when you try to be in fashion you end up buying stuff that don’t really look good on you.And during these times, you really need to be practical.

Before digging in sales and buying anything that you get your hands on, it is better to know what types of handbags would suit your physique and lifestyle.This helps you choose comething that would be worth your money.Here are some kinds of bags and tips on how to match them.

* Totes- are really very common.It’s a simple open bag with handles.This type goes well for those who are always on the go since they can easily grab stuff from the bag without the hassle of opening zips or buttons.Totes come in different sizes but usually they come in large and extra-large sizes.This type is not advisable for women on the shorter and heavier side since this would be unflattering to wide hips.

* Clutches-are at a smaller scale and are usually carried by tucking it under the arms.Clutches would look good on women with big chests since this would emphasize the assets.A handheld clutch can also accentuate the assets of women with big hips.The downside to this bag is that it isn’t roomy enough for those who want to carry a lot of things around.

* Messengers- a messenger sling is probably the most functional bag.Messengers cam be carried in different ways and you can stuff a lot of things in it.Messengers look good on taller women.But those on the petite side can still use messenger bags.They just have to be careful with the shapes and sizes of the bag they pick.

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