How To Get An Accurate Poly Bag Quote

Though it may not seem difficult, there’s definitely a lot that goes into pricing out a custom poly bag quote or film run when you reach out to a supplier or manufacturer. It actually is an awfully complicated process that requires a good amount of planning and plenty of variables to reach an accurate and competitive poly bag quote.

At the time you reach a prospective manufacturer for your poly bags it is easy to facilitate the process when you are ready to answer a handful of easy yet essential questions. These questions help the supplier get the clearest picture possible on your bag specification needs and wants.

Though there are many variations and though further questions may come up while in the conversation, I’ve listed the eight most popular and the most important questions you are likely to come across.

What Quantity Are You Needing?

Frequently manufacturers have Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) required for custom runs. They must be in a position to supply you right away by using a broad range because of their MOQ in line with the product that is required. Recall, because there’s loads that leads to a quote, this range could be very broad and just an approximate estimate.

What Poly Bag Dimensions Are Needed?

This is probably the key detail it is possible to provide for a selected provider. Bag Dimensions play a prominent role inside the price quote you might be requesting. And in case you think it is not difficult to help them to quote out a 40lbs poly bag, bear in mind that the dimensions may differ considerably. You will have a thinner, taller bag, or simply a shorter, wider bag. Both options can accommodate 40lbs of merchandise but can also cost substantially different amounts.

What Will The Finished Poly Bags Be Used For?

This question won’t be a difficulty for end users to answer but for poly bag distributors and brokers, they may not think to ask this question when their client requires a quote. The design of the poly bag will change with regards to the usage. Will it be holding documents or rocks? Clothing or fertilizer? Subject to that usage, special additives may be needed along the lines of FDA approval specifications for food products or USPS specifications for going through the mail.

What Weight Requirements Will Be Needed?

This most closely concerns the thickness or gauge in the film used to make finished product. Additionally, it can mean a difference in the kind of film used. Many manufacturers have proprietary blends that possess special attributes to enhance strength and ruggedness. Or maybe the finished poly bag will need a reinforced handle to bear the extra weight associated with a packed product. These are typically options you can speak with the representative when this question takes place.

Will Your Poly Bag Be Plain or Printed?

A plain poly bag quote is fairly undemanding. However, if you want printing located on the bag this will usually mean a custom run. Make sure to discover how many colors you will need printed and an approximate surface coverage of the print. Such as, each side on the bag may be known as 50% coverage. If your image covers half of the front on the bag along with a pink and teal logo, you’d say its a two color print with 25% coverage. Also be certain to clarify that the image will be printed using one or both sides. Much better if you’re able to go a step further and offer artwork or bag sample with the supplier or manufacturer.

What Film Color Are You Interested In?

Do you want your bag to be opaque for privacy or clear to showcase your merchandise? Although standard film colors are always available, by using special color additives you may customize the poly bag any way you want. Be warned, colored films are more expensive than stock films. Nonetheless the added value you receive from branding your packaging merits the premium. Colors play a leading role in memory and association. Contemplate Tiffany’s & Co. blue, Macy’s Red, Victoria’s Secret pink, etc. Color can be an essential aspect determined by your goals with the poly bags.

Are There Any Special Packaging Needs?

Poly Bags have standard packaging rules influenced by the size of the finished product. Generally they are packaged any where from 200 to 1000 per case. If you have special needs for example inner packs of 100, or case count of 2000, you should let your supplier know in advance. Yes these special requests may adjust the cost because doing so could affect production hours, man hours, shipping costs, etc.

Do You Require The Final Poly Bags Shipped or Can They Be Will Called?

Do you really require the finished product to get freighted to the storage facility, to your customer’s location, or do you have the means to get it yourself? Make sure you state this upfront to have the most accurate price given.

The point is there does exist more for a poly bag quote than merely asking “how much?” But by providing as much information as you possibly can upfront you will not only facilitate the quoting process but help the manufacturer provide you with the most accurate and competitive poly bag quote attainable. Usually the most accurate quote will result in a lower competitive price as there is not superfluous attributes included on the poly bag specifications.

Now that you know how to get an accurate quote on your branded packaging be sure to learn more about using them to increase your companies brand awareness.

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