Identifying Original Radley Bags

Forget about Gucci, Chanel or Versace. When it comes to bags, the bestselling bag in the UK right now is the one with the dog silhouette. No need for the designers to flaunt it in the catwalk, the brand itself is a form of advertising.

Relatively new, the company started 12 years ago by Rachel Hardy. She designed her own bags and sold them at her stall in the local town market. As the bags became more and more popular, department stores noticed the brands viability and started ordering from Hardy.

Soon enough, Rachel Hardy bagged some orders from the biggest stores in the country. Her problem was the seeming impossible task to finance the whole project. There were investors who trusted on the marketability of the brand and afterwards, the brand never looked back. The early designs of Radley bags always showed the silhouette of a seemingly Scottish terrier. Designer bags are all designed with a colorful scene depicting the season when it was released. After hitting mainstream, only the designer bags carry the colorful design and new generic designs have come up. All bags are identified as Radley bags with the silhouette logo of the dog.

With the popularity of the brand, Radley bags have unfortunately become a target for counterfeiters. But worry not of getting tricked to buy a fake bag, because all Radley bags contain Mirage techology. Radley is the first to use this technology and by simply looking at the red dog logo, you will see that the light shifts from light to dark. Taking a look inside, an aluminum Radley dog logo can also be found, embossed with the name Radley. The outside cardboard on the other hand does not have a dog in it. And most handbags are sold with a leather care product kit.

After being sold to a bigger company, the brand has catered to a bigger market with more than just exclusive handbags. The Radley brand should serve as an inspiration to those who want to put up their own business and challenge the current economy.

Radley bags are the most popular bags in the UK. Go to this page if you want to look at some authentic radley bags.

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