Imperator Rupert K. Murdoch

How did Rupert Murdoch, inheritor of a small Australian daily newspaper, become the imperator of the media in fifty years’ time? How did he manage to swallow up the very respected Times of London and the powerful tabloid, The Sun? How did he create Fox News, the leading continuous news channel in the United States? What did he do to turn his media enterprises into a thriving business? How did he manage to become the kingpin of News Corporation, the second largest media group in the world? His empire is worth 76 billion euros on the stock market, an empire that is present on all 5 continents with 175 dailies ranging from the most respected to the sleaziest, 35 channels of cable or satellite television, the cinema with Twentieth Century Fox, the Harper Collins publishing house and the world-spanning website, MySpace? A secret, closed empire, built on strategic gambles. Gambles he has always won, often with knuckle-duster tactics.

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