Is this a good drawing of Abraham Lincoln?

Question by Happy Bunny: Is this a good drawing of Abraham Lincoln?
I’m a 13 year old girl, and I was wondering if this was a good drawing of Abe Lincoln? What can I improve on.

Here is the picture I based it off of ( It’s small so if you search ” Abraham Lincoln” on google you can get a bigger picture:

This is the picture I drew:

How did I do?

1- 10 ( 10 being the best)
haha thanks guys 🙂 I have a little trouble with the nose and mouth, but I think I’m good with head shape and eyes. I appreciate your input 😉

Best answer:

Answer by Katie
I think it’s a 7. I think it’s really good and a lot better than I could do, but I think you should try to improve on making the nose and hair more real. Other than that, great job.

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