Jim Rohn Network Marketing – Is It Still Relevant

Jim Rohn Network Marketing – Is It Still Relevant

Jim Rohn has been a name in network marketing for some time now. He has long since established his credibility as a man that can provide people with the proper guidance to succeed in the realm of network marketing. But, is all that in the past? Some may wonder if the concepts found in Jim Rohn network marketing strategies are still valuable in the modern era. Answering this question is not something that can be done in a cursory manner. Rather, a closer look at the validity of his program is required.

When something is based more on gimmick and expediency than logic, it will not stand the test of time. With the Jim Rohn network marketing concepts, you do not have a gimmick oriented product. Instead, you have a well thought out, logical program. The program can certainly provide food for thought for boosting your network marketing business. The approaches Jim Rohn puts forth do not falter just because the days are moving on the calendar.

For example, Jim Rohm promotes the notion that an effective presentation can boost network marketing success. When you have a solid presentation, you can impress people with the great value of your marketing venture. If you did not make a solid presentation, people will not know that you program is available to join. So, it is fairly safe to say that this Jim Rohn network marketing concept is definitely not one that ever went out of style. As such, assumptions that Jim Rohm is promoting concepts that are outdated are not accurate.

Jim Rohn offers tons of valuable concepts that can aid in making a network marketing venture succeed. He has covered topics such as making profits part-time, understanding how much effort is required for success, developing communications skills, and learning how to be proactive in building your network marketing business. Again, of any of these Jim Rohn network marketing theories sound outdated? Once again, the answer is no.

This does raise questions why some will criticize the Jim Rohn’s approach. In some instances, it may be because people are not really aware of what he is promoting. Then, there are those that automatically assume because something is older, it is of little value. Such thinking is not logical. If something works – it works. How old it is should not be an issue if it still works effectively.

Some will dismiss things that work because they always want the latest and newest thing on the market. Of course, new innovations are valuable. But, they are valuable because they are innovative. They are not automatically credible just because they are new. This is a pseudo-logic that some people prescribe to and that is to their detriment.

Again, it would not be wise to automatically dismiss the Jim Rohn networking marketing approach. Rohn has been in the business for a long time and knows what works. That is why it is vital to avoid dismissing his concepts and theories. They stand the test of time.


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