Jim Rohn – the Legend Leaves Us. He Left an Indelible Mark on My Life

Jim Rohn – the Legend Leaves Us. He Left an Indelible Mark on My Life

I know that for most entrepreneurs of one sort or another, or those who were in any sales capacity at some point in their life, it’s close to impossible to have not been touched, or blessed, or affected in some way by the great man that was Jim Rohn.

For those of you who hadn’t yet heard, Jim passed on to his much anticipated new life on December 5th following an eighteen month battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis. I won’t even attempt to convey the depth of significance, but I encourage you all to visit his site and pay tribute, if you’re so inclined, and please remember his family and friends in your prayers.

He was an individual of rare wisdom and insights, humble and genuine, with an extraordinary manner of communicating- charismatic, engaging, and inspirational- an absolutely remarkably gifted speaker.

I met Jim Rohn at seminar in Buffalo, New York over 15 years ago. It was a small venue of about 2000 attendees but what struck me- what I remember most, was the time, effort, and care that he took with each individual who wanted to shake his hand, get an autograph, or share a few words. In our brief conversation, as he signed my classic Treasury of Quotes, he made me feel as though I was the only other person in the room. He had that gift.

Mr. Rohn has had such tremendous impact on my life and I’m sure the lives of many reading this here. He encouraged and coached me through years of building a regional insurance sales team in New York, and helped me ride the roller coaster of real estate for more than a decade. But most importantly, Jim Rohn was the ultimate optimal life success coach. His tapes and books seem like timeless friends, like an old pair of comfortable worn loafers that simply soothe the mind.

What was so salient about Jim was the manner in which he expressed a perspective, or he quipped phraseology into single sentences that spoke with such volumes of foundational simplicity. One such sentence that has bounced through my consciousness for years, and often spurred me to greater action is, “Things don’t cost too much, you just can’t afford them.” Or perhaps the call to action, “Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills.” No man is ever quoted more by his peers than Jim Rohn. What a fantastic testament to giving it away, pouring some of yourself out so you can pour more in… helping so many reassess the set of their sail.

As I rode back tonight and popped in a cassette from one of his classic series, it occurred to me that no matter how many times I had listened to that particular segment or lesson, [which must be nearing 50 by now] something fresh always seems to jump out which is applicable to my life today. Some point that seemed to just flow past in the past, leaps out and stakes it own emphatic claim on it’s insightful conveyance.

His works have such a wellspring of tangential perspicacious glances into life itself that to set his works down would be to shortchange your own experiential self awareness. Jim Rohn could make you almost grateful for a challenge, accepting that each was nothing short of another fresh opportunity to attack and incorporate a strategy or mindset tactic- each circumstance presenting you with it’s own schoolroom for growth.

I know that Jim was a man of unshakable faith as the power of his foundation was woven throughout his talks and illustrations. As I’m sure is the case with many, he has been, undoubtedly, one of the most influential men in my life, second only to my father. His philosophies, and commitment to personal growth, have for years been my guiding light for principled, purposeful, and integrity based living.

Mr. Rohn, I will miss you old friend. But I will continue to accept the challenge of the sun, and the soil, and the rain, and the seasons, and the miracle of life – and I promise to press forward “building equities” as you always stirred me to do. Be assured, you have achieved that which you set out to do. You have touched the lives of millions with your words, and no doubt millions more to come. You have left a legacy- and a world much better for you having been in it. God Bless.

Bruce Stromwall is an Internet Income Coach whose focus is empowering others by helping them create the enriched lifestyle that they’ve dreamed of through internet income streams. His 25 years of sales and marketing experience, along with unique internet skills and insights translate into ‘fast track results’. Bruce has learned the joy of using a keyboard to move the comma in his bank account and enjoys helping others experience that joy too. If your goal is making significant money online (like with a comma) than this is a guy you can learn from.

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