Knowing How To Appreciate The Charity Works Of Bill Gates

Many people pour vitriol on the person of Bill Gates and could be he is the most hated person in the whole of America. Maybe you are even one of them.

You have no reason to. This man is among the most philanthropic men to be found on the face of the planet today. With his foundation called the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he donates more than 1.5 billion dollars each year to the charity. Just pause for a moment and think of this figure, wow!

The most amazing thing is that Bill Gates recently left his office at the Microsoft and resigned himself to serving the less fortunate members of the society. Can you see the kind of person some people speak of with vitriol? May be it is jealousy and envy perhaps.

Now you must be wondering if Microsoft is totally unblemished. May be not, but there are likely to be more evil corporate in America.

Bill Gates and Microsoft have earned the respect of the whole world, and most people would be glad to be part of their success, and the man commands attention as the person who has reversed the tide of poverty and turned it into great wealth.

There is no honor in being small and poor, contrary to what many people think; that it is ok because poor people are good too.

Bill Gates knew there was no virtue in remaining poor and small, so he did everything possible to become a blessing to the world. Ask yourself what you are doing to impact the society in general.

What Bill Gates is doing to help the world is huge, ranging from the AIDS research funding, alleviating hunger in the world, and just trying his best to be an excellent person internationally.

Stop seeing the super rich as the evil, selfish and greedy. Try to understand that before you can start helping other people, you must help yourself first. Learn to take before you can begin to give; and that if your attitude is to remain small in order to be seen by the society as a good person, you are really mistaken.

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