Man Bags: A Style Revolution

For decades, having a love for bags has always been labelled as feminine. Yet, recent years have seen the emergence of the ‘man bag’: the masculine counterpart that has become a statement for thousands of stylish men. Designers such as Louis Vuitton are championing the male bag, but how do you achieve this look on a budget?

If you’re still wondering whether to take the plunge, here are some ways the man bag can be incorporated into a range of styles.

1. Weekend Casual

Stay cool and casual with a messenger bag that is perfect for daily use. This classic look is so versatile that can be used for almost any occasion. To achieve this style, look out for across the body bags and messenger bags and choose a size and shape that suits your needs.

Style tip: If you’re searching for a subtle take on the man bag, then this is the look for you. We recommend choosing a medium sized bag in a subtle canvas material, which creates a classic, masculine look.

2. Sharp & Tailored

Stay sharp in a sophisticated suit and sleek leather man bag. This style is all about being immaculate and polished so keep the designs strong and only go for quality materials. If you want to do this style justice, we recommend investing in a piece that will last – leather holdalls and briefcases are perfect for creating this look.

Style Tip: Don’t be scared of really making a statement and make your bag the centrepiece of your outfit. This will add another dimension to your outfit. For inspiration, take a look at large Leather holdalls and quirky briefcases.

Professional Sophistication

Satchels and laptop cases are ideal for any working man wanting to make an impact. Whatever your role, there is always a style and shape that can be adapted to your working outfit. Styles to look out for include: messenger bags, vintage satchels and contemporary duffel bags.

Style Tip: For an interesting take on the classic work satchel, try choosing a retro shades, such as worn mahogany in distressed leather.

Take a look at IL2L’s collection of man bags. We stock the latest designer bags, including messenger styles, retro satchels and classic pieces.

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