Many Universities Are Changing Their Programs To Meet The Needs Of Today

There is much conversation going on in the US about whether or not attending universities (also known as universidades in South America) makes any kind of sense anymore. The topic concerns whether or not a college education will guarantee gainful employment. The looming burden of paying back college loans weighs heavy on the student’s mind. They questions their ability to replay their loan if they are not successful in finding employment in their chosen field.

Their successful repayment hinges on what field of study they plan on following. The field of medicine is experiencing a shortage of doctors and nurses. There is good potential here for guaranteed employment as well as a raise in salary. The Baby Boomer generation is coming into retirement age and more medical personnel is required to care for this growing demographic. Students must do research now to ascertain the best career choices for them.

Once cost saving solution is to take courses online. Many are delaying the much awaited move away from home. They opt to study from home and possibly work a part time job to help defray living costs. Some parents will insist that their children become income producing if they continue on living at home.

Many students are influenced by such role models as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs neither of whom graduated from college. These brilliant CEOs are both multi-millionaires today based on their own creative pursuit of what they believed in. This kind of thinking has become progressively popular and many others have made their fortunes on the internet as well.

Universities (universidades) and colleges continue to play an important role in the education of future specialists but their programs need to be re-evaluated. The paradigm shift that is taking place in the corporate structure is an indication that the old way of doing things is changing. Businesses are redefining how best to work with their personnel so that the personnel are creative contributors.

Students are not charged tuition in several countries. In the United States students must pay unless they are scholastically exceptional and have earned scholarships. Parents have typically come to be relied upon to pay their children’s higher education costs. Many parents can no longer pay these bills so the students must take out loans.

In Canada and Australia universities (universidades) are accredited to grant degrees to graduating students. These include a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree.In the US the term used is college. Colleges in Canada and Australia are only allowed to issue certificates and diplomas. The university (universidades) is the highest institute of higher learning.

Universities (universidades) in Europe until very recently have not charged tuition to their students. Changes are taking place in this arrangement also. Students considering attending a European university are advised to learn more about where free tuition is still available.

For the first time Swedish universities (universidades) in 2011 are requiring non EU students to pay for tuition. Students from EU countries can still expect to have free education offered to them in Sweden. There was a drop of 73% fewer applications coming from non EU countries this year. The Swedish government has decided to redefine their educational policies.

One can expect this reorganization of policies in universities (universidades) to continue in other countries too. The world’s economies are undergoing massive restructuring and schools cannot be unaffected by this. Students must inform themselves of new and different educational shifts to make better informed decisions.

Universidades or universities is a word that has various meanings in various countries.

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