Michael Dell Exclusive Interview with Small Business Advice TV – episode 2

Episode 2 – Michael Dell Exclusive Interview Many small businesses will be worried about how the current economic climate will affect them and what the new year will bring. In this special WebTV show, we bring you an interview with founder and CEO of Dell Inc, Michael Dell for some invaluable entrepreneurial insights and experiences that can help business owners. The task of running a bn global company with 80000 employees is hardly going to be short of challenges. Michael gives his advice for those looking to start a small business and also provides expert opinion on dealing with tough times like those we are currently experiencing – especially for those who want to use technology but are concerned about cash flow. Staying on the technical side of running a business, he asks what SMBs can do to effectively manage their data storage as levels of digital data increase significantly. Covering topics such as how Green IT and social networking impact on small businesses, Michael also reveals what he views to be the three most important factors for a successful small business. Presenter Sean Walsh will introduce the show, and after this exciting interview, you’ll have the opportunity to send in your comments. Sean will also be joined by Andrew Stone, Small Business Features Editor from the Sunday Times who will be on-hand with his advice and commentary on the big issues facing small businesses. We will also have our regular round up of all the latest small business news

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