Multiple Choice: Best way to survive a zombie uprising?

Question by judgemartiniz: Multiple Choice: Best way to survive a zombie uprising?
a. Lay low. Charge your ipod, stock up on batteries, crawl into the cellar for a week of lazy slumber. If possible bring a hot shorty with you. If you notice she likes to bite you may have invited the wrong girl.

b. You are allergic to zombies. And then, it turns out, being sneezed on cures people from being a zombie. You go on a campaign of seeking out zombies saying, ‘prepare to be sneezed on!’ and then curing them. As my first official act of being human again a-‘gazoontite’!

c. If you can’t beat them sell them flat screen TVs. After observing people buying flat screen tvs like zombies you figure you have a captive market. The undead take an instant liking to cheap electronic wares and pretty soon you’re the next Donald Trump: “YOU’RE FIRED!”

d. You finally get to work on that novel you always meant to write. Unfortunately, subconciously zombie imagery (e.g. sleep-walking, empty graves, John Kerry) seeps into your narrative.

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