Name for Home Shopping Business?

Question by Lauren: Name for Home Shopping Business?
My best friend and I were hoping to open our own boutique that would consist of Pageant and Prom gowns as well as cute jewelry, handbags and accessories. However, with the economy the way it is … we have decided to put that idea on hold and we now have re-formatted our business plan to be an at-home shopping party. We would like to run this the same way you would a “TupperWare” or “Mary-Kay” Party, just without the recruiting new sellers.

Our idea is to purchase handbags, jewelry, and accessories (even some clothing items) and then invite friends and family over to shop. We then would book more parties through our guests who would “host” at their homes.

We were trying to think of cute names for this type of business. This is what we have so far … let me know your ideas as well.

Cocktails and Couture (we/hostess would serve cocktails)
Cupcakes and Couture (we/hostess would serve cupcakes)
Cupcake Couture

We live in Georgia and we want to use the pink and brown as our colors.

THANKS for any suggestions that you may have.

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Answer by just_wanna_know
Since you live in Georgia, and you are selling handbags and jewelry, how bout something like ‘Southern Charm’ just an idea. Another idea would be ‘Classic Southern Ladies’

Good luck! Send me more info on your business when you get it up and going!!! I live in Georiga as well!

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