Ocean Cargo Services VS Air Freight: Which Is Better?

When delivering items globally, it can be a challenging decision as to which kind of service to employ, the traditional ocean cargo services that have been around for 100’s of years, or the more modern international air freight services. Your expediting corporation will no doubt research both forms of transportation, but being knowledgeable regarding the variations inherent in both kinds of assistance can be essential in making the best decision regarding how to travel your products.

The History Behind Ocean Cargo Services

Ever since man first began trading for some other nations outside his own for goods and services, they have mainly used some kind of ocean cargo services. Their long history of efficient transport has made them the very first transporting venue of option for more than 100 years, even long after the advent of air courier services. Every decade has shown improvements in both major types of carriers, but when selecting the right one for your products, you must consider 3 important components: cost, shipping time, and the dependability of shipping.

Considering Costs

The major selection factor for many firms doing a global trade these days is the cost of delivering their goods to their destination. Some companies possess a budget for such things that they need to adhere to, in order to make a profit on every single sale and shipping, which is completely understandable. That will make any final decision essential, as the values are what matters above all. It may also make selecting between ocean cargo services as well as air freight an easier choice to make.

The key aspect is based on what each type of carrier charges for the travel of products. In contrast between ocean cargo services as well as air freight services, there is not a lot of equality to be acquired. The vast majority of air freight services will charge by the weight of the shipment, as the heavier the shipment is, the more fuel it will need to transport it properly. Ocean cargo carriers, conversely, charge by the transporting container, exactly where volume takes precedence over weight. The weightier the cargo, in this instance, the less it will cost to ship by ocean carrier.

Shipping Time

When it comes to speed, air freight would win out over ocean cargo deliveries every time. If your shipments can be considered time sensitive, then shipping by air would be more convenient. With the vagaries of the weather, and its effect on the ocean, a single storm could add days or even weeks to a cargo by sea.

Dependability Aspects

Probably the most highly regarding elements when it comes to business enterprise shipping has to be the reliability of the carrier in question. With regards to getting deliveries to their destination promptly, in great condition, and on a dependable schedule, air freight remains to be the leader in this way. This is not to say that ocean cargo carriers are any less reliable, but for shipments of substantial weight that will make air freight impossible, their record still stands.

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