OK, i have a problem with the game ‘Second Life’. Can you help me?

Question by ME: OK, i have a problem with the game ‘Second Life’. Can you help me?
I have no problem opening up the game, but when i log in, after a few minutes, probably not event that, and a little pop up box comes and rains on my parade, telling me that there was a problem with the program termination: abnormal program termination. It just screams at me “HA HA! YOUR COMPUTER IS A P.O.S.!!!!!!! BUT A NEW ONE AND SURRENDER ALL OF YOUR MONEY TO BILL GATES!”. I have the minimum requirements, and i mean THE MINIMUM requirements (like 256 mb ram and all that). help.
Yeah, I also have wireless internet, and the host computer has DSL, but it can be a jarmongous pain in the bahooky sometimes. I dont think I’ll be able to get wired DSL or cable on my computer because it would be extremely inconvenient.

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Answer by rochey
You probably do need to up grade your processor or graphics card. You dont have to but a whole new pc. Just upgrade a few parts nd it should be good. Also use a cable, fiber optic or dsl internet connection.

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