Penny Art Portrait – Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln – New 2009 Penny – President’s Day

A portrait of Abraham Lincoln using pennies. Contains 1025 pennies. A penny from every year and mint between 1909-2008. A complete collection minus the (1909 svdb penny and errors). A majority of the pennies are wheat pennies dating 1958 and earlier. No pennies were altered to make this portrait. They are in either circulated or uncirculated states. Thousands of pennies were sorted to find just the right coloration. I was assisted by Tom Hallenbeck ( www.hallenbeckcoingallery ) to find all the pennies I needed. It’s difficult to see in the video but each penny is inside a tiny protective capsule. This prevents the penny from being damaged while handling and allows them to be glues for the final artwork assembly. For more details about the finished art visit the ebay listing. http
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