Q&A: 2009 is the year of the Dragon, i can feel it!! can’t you?

Question by Mitch: 2009 is the year of the Dragon, i can feel it!! can’t you?
Every year the Dragons have a superb team on paper but injuries and other factors always cause them to “under achieve” and some might say “choke”.

But this year i think they are a real chance for the top 4, they have an exellent team roster with a good mix of youth and experience as well as Wayne Bennet gluing it all together. A possible Dragons line up

1. Ben Hornby
2. Jason Nightngale (Legend)
3. Darius Boyd
4. Matt Cooper
5. Wendell “Big Dell” Sailor or Josh Morris?
6. Jamie Soward
7. Matt Head
8. Justin Poore
9. Luke Priddis
10. Michael Weyman
11. Ben Creagh
12. Beu Scott
13. Jeremy Smith

14. Mickey Paea
15. Dean Young
16. Neville Costigan
17. Dan Hunt/Chase Stanley/ Jarrod Saffy
Pretty impressive!!

How do you think the Dragons will go this year?
laingy 08 i will find that lol, my bad, Bretts here and Josh is gooooone! thanks for the correction

And Daryl, come on mate top 8 certaincies i would reckon! possible top 4
Joey….your back!!!!
You all must be on drugs!!
just wait till the season starts…then you will all change your mind and say dragons will easily make the top 8, lol

Best answer:

Answer by laingy08
I think you will find Josh Morris was the twin who went to the Bulldogs and Brett remained at the Dragons.

Dragons do look good. As long as they can remain relatively injury free they are a chance.

But year of the Dragon…………

Hmmmmmm. I’ll tell you October long weekend.

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