Q&A: A salesman comes to a farm…?

Question by nickvantunen: A salesman comes to a farm…?
and sais to the farmer’s wife: “Lady, this is a deal for you. This vacuum cleaner is so powerful, it’ll clean all crums, spills and dirt off your floor in no time at all. Let me give you a demonstration.” He reaches in his suitcase and throws all kinds of filth on the carpet. “Everything this baby can’t suck up, I’ll eat off the floor!” He claims.
“You’d better start eat’n then mister,” the farmer’s wife sais with a smile, “because we ain’t got electricity ’round here!”

“I am Napoleon!” yells a patient of the mental institution.
“Who told you that?” asks the doctor.
“God himself said it to me!” claims the patient.
“Who ME?” sais his neighbour “I didn’t tell you anything!”
Bill Gates: “If the car industry had a technical advancement like the computer business, we’d all drive 25$ cars with a comsumption of 100 miles to the gallon.”
Respons from General Motors: “But would anyone like to drive a car that crashes twice a day?”
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Answer by Mac
haha good ones. star for you *

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