Q&A: Are you a salesrep which requires a LOT of driving locally/non locally?

Question by deirdrefaith: Are you a salesrep which requires a LOT of driving locally/non locally?
And have you found that these days since January or b4 that a lot of companies out there are getting cheaper and cheaper? [as in hiring for a tad bit less than they used to back in the good ol’ days + many even going DOWN/LESS mileage compensation?
Just curious to hear from others, as my friend and I who do this type of work have noticed this more and more greatly. 🙁
[seems like it’s getting harder and harder]
BTW, which are some of the top companies to work for regarding a sales career, or even sales PT

*and hey, NO SPAM please, nope not interested AT ALL in “Mary Kay” junk, pyramid scams,ect.
need real answers

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Answer by SPATTMAN
Many companies, including mine, tie their mileage compensation to the IRS. Right now the IRS allows 48.5 cents per mile so that is what I reimburse my employees. Last year it was only 40.5 cents. Many salespeople say they want to be paid what they are worth, until they find out how much that is. Direct sales people are the highest paid profession. A good sales person can make more than most attorneys or physicians. You need to find a product or service that you believe in and can represent with enthusiasm. If you like the freedom of travel, look at pharmaceuticals, medical supplies or radio advertising, as a couple of suggestions. This is not meant to be self serving as I am not in any of those industries.

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