Q&A: Can’t people think about anything but them self?

Question by Dave15: Can’t people think about anything but them self?
“If there is any one secret of success” Said Henry Ford, “Its lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’ angel as well as from your own”
The truth is : Yet 90 percent of the people on this earth ignore it 90 percent of the time.
For Example? If you are lock on an island with your friend (You are really hungry) and then you found a Hamburger will you share with you friend? No
Wt is you opinion Can’t people think about anything but them-self?

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Answer by robertminidriver
You seem to be presenting you personal outlook and view of the world, rather than the normative view.

In your specific environment, selfishness and egocentric behavior may be the norm. However, the specific attitudes of the group culture in which you are currently immersed is not necessarily the majority or accepted view.

I choose to believe that even though we encounter egocentric behavior every day, and most of us revert to that primitive trait occasionally, we do manifest other qualities, such as empathy, reciprocity and selfless kindness to a degree which gives me confidence that all is not yet lost.

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